Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TTC Cycle #14

TTC Cycle #14: October 14, 2010-November 12, 2010 (30 days)

CD 2- I go in for the routine ultrasound to check and see if my ovaries are back to normal so I can get another round of Clomiphene.  It was normal the last two times, so I had no reason to think that this appointment would be different.  Dr. C starts the ultrasound, and there's A LOT of black on the screen.  He starts saying "Hmm...hmmm......HMMM...." to himself.  I'm like, WTF is going on and why isn't he saying anything to me?!?!  Apparently he found a bunch of free-floating fluid in my abdomen, like TWICE as large as my uterus. He said that it wasn't good, and that I should be in a lot of pain. I told him I felt bloated, but I figured that was from my period, but it turns out it wasn't. He thinks I may have had a cyst that burst.  He ordered some bloodwork done and didn't prescribe Clomid this cycle to give my body and break and figure out what the hell is going on.  I get home and cry and cry and cry.  DH gets home later on, and the sweet man decides to skip playing in his soccer game that evening to stay home and be with me <3

CD 10-11- Camping with friends.  K doesn't come because she doesn't want the extreme cold to affect her pregnancy, and I'm secretly glad that I don't have to see her.

CD 13- Doc appt again for another ultrasound. On that ultrasound, my left ovary looked polycystic because there were 4-5 undeveloping follicles/cysts. On my right ovary there was one maturing follicle that was 19 mm, so I would probably ovulate out of that one.  Dr. C said it was a good sign that I'm ovulating naturally this cycle. Also by the length of the maturing follicle, he said that I'd have a 29-30 day cycle, which was also good. He also told me to have sex that night (Tues), skip Wed., and have sex Thurs, Fri, and Sat. So we did, and now we wait...

CD 29- I'm reading a book in the teacher's lounge during my lunch break, and one of my co-workers starts teasing me and talking to me saying "Who did it?  How's it turning out?" in regards to the book I was reading.  I just smiled and told him I'd let him know at the end.  A half hour later, I'm back in my classroom with my students for their lunchtime, and the same teacher pokes his head in my doorway and says, "So, did it happen yet?"  One of my students hears him say this to me, and shouts out, "ARE YOU PREGNANT?!"  I was in complete and utter shock.  Of course, my classroom erupts into chaos, and they all start yelling and talking excitedly that their teacher is pregnant.  It took me a full 10 seconds before I got my wits about me and was able to quell the room and tell them that I'm NOT pregnant.  Having 16 nine and ten-year-olds all get excited about my "pregnancy" really got to me, and it was all I could do to not start bawling in the moment.  I luckily held it together and got to bawl on my DH's shoulder in the privacy of my home later that evening.

CD 31- I got a call from my mom in the morning saying that my health insurance company had called her looking for me to talk with me about my benefits. I'm like, what??? So I call the number that they gave her and finally get a hold of a person. I explain the situation and ask what they were calling me about. The lady replies, "Oh, we received a claim from your doctor, and it says that you're pregnant now. Congratulations!" I'm like, WTF I'M NOT PREGNANT!!! There's ANOTHER Katie with the same last name at my doctor's office who is currently pregnant. I know because they mixed up our charts back in August and the nurse kept talking to me like I was pregnant and we finally figured out it was a different Katie. So this is the second time they've mixed up our files, even though they put a "name alert" on our files. Anyway, so it's all I can do not to hang up on this woman because I know it's not her fault, so I give her my correct phone number, end the conversation, and proceed to sob into James' arms. Later that day I got my period. *sigh* I can't catch a break...how could this happen to me TWICE in one week?!

I'm not really in ranting/raging mood like I appear to be in the post, but I wanted it to reflect my feelings at the time.  Everything is fine and dandy here, and I'm 14 weeks pregnant :)


  1. I know all is well now, praise God, but what a mess that you had to go through that type of month. Seriously truly sorry. And now, light at the end of the darkness. God is so good! How soon until we get current?!

  2. Thank you; that means a lot to me. 3 more cycles until the pregnancy :)