Sunday, April 17, 2011

An unusual proposal, not my engagement story with DH (although I'll have to write that story eventually).  It was actually from my neighbor!

We live in a 3rd floor condo with 4 units on each floor.  I know everyone's face, but not all the names.  I know about half of the names.  We've been living here for almost 3 1/2 years, and I STILL don't know everyone's names.  Embarrassing, I know.  The lady living diagonal across from us is one of them.  I know lots of things about her...such as 1) She works in the medical field, 2) She doesn't have any pets, 3) There's a random dining room chair outside her front door that has a year's worth of pollen and dust on it, 4) One time she gave a girl in  our neighborhood some bus money to get away from her boyfriend that was beating on her in the front yard (with lots of witnesses not doing anything), 5) She's divorced and in her 60s.  However, I don't know her name.  I've had lots and lots of conversations with her though, and she somehow knows my name, so we must have introduced ourselves when we first moved in, and I don't have any memory of that conversation.  It's gone on so long now that I don't feel like I can ask the lady her name.

This evening I got home from working a WW meeting, and she was getting into her car as I was heading upstairs.  She stopped me and asked if I had a baby bump and congratulated me on my pregnancy.  Then she asked if she could do an ultrasound on me.  I'm like, wha???  Apparently she's in school to be an ultrasound tech (I think), and before she graduates on May 13th, she needs to do an ultrasound on someone in their second or third trimester in order to pass her certification.  I told her sure, but that I was leaving for Florida on Thursday and wouldn't be back until May 1st.  She said that was fine and that we could do it when I get back (I'd be almost 18 weeks then).

The problem is, I still don't know her name.  I mentioned to DH how embarrassing this was for me, and he suggested looking her up online since I know her address.  I successfully found her name from the White Pages online.

It's Judith.

But does she go by Judith or Judy?  Ugh!

*Side note*--It's amazing that my doctor's office charges $335 for an ultrasound when my neighbor is offering to do one for free!  Crazy stuff.


  1. That's really cool, especially since I remember you saying that you wished you could get another ultrasound!

  2. Double bonus: free ultasound and a new friend!

  3. Hahaha. Funny post! I totally know that feeling of aggravation with names. Judy or Judith! hahaha. Maybe have your dh ask her at some idea. OR you can wait till the ultrasound and be sneaky and ask the people in the office.

  4. The more I think about it, the more I think that her name is Judy. I haven't tested it out yet, but I'm hoping I'm right!

  5. That is great news! I am totally with you on the name thing, I am terrible with them and it goes on too long to be able to ask respectfully. It is so embarrassing!