Friday, March 11, 2011

TTC Cycle #12

TTC Cycle #12: August 14, 2010-September 12, 2010 (30 days)

After many prayers and talks with DH, we decide to go ahead with Clomiphene.  I take 100mg on CD 3-7.  It makes me a bit looney.  The worst part during it was when I had a meltdown in the kitchen over cutting up vegetables.  I just started sobbing, "I can't do it!!!"  and DH starts to smile at me.  I'm like, "Why are you smiling?  I'm crying!!!  Boo-hoo!".  He says, "Katie, it's just vegetables,"  and I started laughing in between sobs, realizing how ridiculous I sound.

CD 11- I have my very first ultrasound to check and see if there's a mature follicle and if my ovaries are over-stimulated or not.  I'm kind of excited and nervous, but my doc says to not expect it to work the first time.  So I get a UTI the day before (yuck!), and it's convenient that I already have an appointment scheduled today.  I give the nurse the urine sample for testing, and she starts chatting with me.

Nurse- It's common to have UTIs now since there's a lot of stuff going on down there.
Me- Huh????
Nurse- You know, with pregnancy.
Me- I'm not pregnant.  I'm TRYING to get pregnant.
Nurse- Your chart says you're pregnant.
Me- ?!?!

Apparently there's another Katie with the same last name as me at their office.  She was born in the same year as me and also weighs the same.  The other Katie is pregnant.  I'm not.  And they accidentally switched the files.  (Hippa violation!!!)  So that was depressing, to say the least.

My ultrasound shows 2 maturing follicles--one on my right ovary that is 19 mm and one on my left ovary that is 15 mm.  Doc says that I'll ovulate in 3-5 days!!!  I'm on track to have a 29-30 day cycle.

CD 12- I get a phone call from my friend K (her husband is A, DH's best friend/man) saying that they're 13 weeks pregnant and having a boy!  We talk for about 30 minutes, and I tell her about my ultrasound yesterday.  I actually didn't cry, and I attribute that to her keeping me on the phone for so long and talking me through everything.  I'm hopeful that I'll get pregnant this cycle so that our babies can be close in age (silly, I know).

CD 17- My sister, L, gives birth to her son, E, on August 30, 2010, one day before her 20th birthday.  Baby E is perfect healthy!  L asked me and DH to be the godparents, and we of course say yes :)

My maternal grandmother, Vovoa (Portuguese for grandmother), is hospitalized, and it's serious.  There's a hole in her colon, and they're not going do surgery.  She's in the same hospital where L and E are (where my dad works as well).

CD 18- August 31, 2010.  Vovoa dies 2 days before her 80th birthday :(  3 out of her 5 children (including my mom) were there with her when she passed.  She had spoken about being ready to meet Jesus, but it was still a hard time for us all.

CD 21-25- Travel to FL for her funeral and family time.  I was planning on just taking sick leave, but my principal tells me that they do paid bereavement leave, so I'm able to stay an extra day to be with my mom.  I help her out sorting through my grandmother's clothes and belongings.

CD 31- AF :(  What a horrible cycle.

On a lighter note...
The Sunday Schoolers use our classrooms at the Catholic school next door to meet on Sunday mornings. They're notorious for going through my students' desks and taking stuff. I had a meeting this afternoon, and when I got back to my classroom, this was on the board! :)


  1. How sweet that your students are looking out after you!
    Visiting from Catholic Mothers Online.

  2. Gotta love the students:) They come up with the sweetest things!!!

  3. I know! I've got a great class this year :)