Friday, March 4, 2011

My morning prayers & another pregnant friend!

One of the things I love about teaching at a Catholic school is that prayer is included in our daily routine.  We start the day off with Morning Prayer every single day!  During our Morning Prayer, we have petitions where the kids can pray for whomever/whatever they want.  Some of the prayers are actually very thoughtful...for example--people with lead poisoning, all the souls in purgatory, for the homeless and hungry, anyone who is depressed or lonely, anyone who is sick and dying, children waiting to be adopted, etc.  And that's coming from 4th graders!  Some of the kids' prayers are a little different, like, for us to do well on the test, or for my dog so she doesn't have to wear a cone anymore, or for me because I'm hungry (lol).  At the end of the petitions, I also include the one that says, "For all the prayers we hold in the silence of our hearts."  During that time, I ALWAYS would pray this to myself:

For my marriage, for Your will for us to have a baby, (then whatever else I think of that needs prayers at the moment).

Except that even now that I'm pregnant, I STILL catch myself saying the exact same thing--for Your will for us to have a baby.  And then I'm like, I DO have a baby!  I don't know if I'm saying it just out of old habit, or if the pregnancy still hasn't sunk in yet, or what.  So when I do catch myself saying that, I change it to-"for all subfertile women and for my pregnancy".  I'm hoping that the change of prayer will help.

I posted our pregnancy news on Monday on Facebook.  The next morning, my friend J, said this:
So, I did not say anything yesterday because we were planning to share today, lol, but we are due within the same week, and go to the same OB! Maybe we will be in the same hospital at the same time! YAY! Congratulations, Katie! I am so very excited for you! :^)
I spoke with her for an hour on the phone today, and it turns out that she and her DH had been TTC for over a year, but they didn't tell ANYONE.  I was so shocked to hear that!  I had a fellow sub-fertile friend, and I didn't even know it!  It was great being able to catch up and talk about our struggles of conceiving and how our pregnancies are progressing.  I don't think it's a coincidence that we're pregnant at the same time :)

P.S.  I think I'm procrastinating writing about the next few cycles of TTC.  A few of those cycles got a lot more dark and depressing--the lowest point of my entire journey of TTC.  But I know that I have to get it written out, no matter how painful reliving it might be.  I promise I'll continue with them eventually.


  1. How awesome to share your pregnancy with a friend!

  2. Just found your name on another Catholic mama blog (you're a Catholic mama - YEAHHHH!!)
    Just wanted to stop by and say I am so happy for you and your blessing, I love following and praying for preggo mamas and can't wait to watch you grow through your blog!

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy, Katie! Praying for you!

  4. its funny, when i originally read the title of this post i was like oh man, another pregnant friend? oh i feel for her not realizing that for you, well, a pregnant friend would be something to bond over! ha, silly me.

  5. Alison- I totally would've thought the same thing if I wasn't pregnant. It's taken some getting used to--the idea that I can bond with someone over pregnancy instead of wishing it was me instead.